Do you love BBQ? Check out Fort Myers’ award-winning smokehouse!

Do you love a good BBQ? Don’t feel like cooking or the grill at your community pool occupied? Head to Reuben’s Smokehouse at 11506 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907. Check out their website here, and Facebook here. A truly family owned and operated business, they even close down part of the summer to take a TRUE family vacation. Now THAT’S family!

When you’re house hunting or need a break from remodels on your current home, take a breather and check out Reuben’s if you haven’t already. Call Kevin today to get on the house hunt if you’ve been putting it off this summer!

FORT MYERS, Fla. – From baby back ribs to brisket. One spot in Southwest Florida was just named one of the top barbeque restaurants in the country.

Trip Advisor just named Reuben’s Smokehouse on US 41 the fourth best BBQ joint in the nation.

If you drive by not paying attention, you’ll miss it. You won’t find any flashy neon signs or gaudy logo.

“It is such a small little place I didn’t even know about it,” said customer Richard Lima.

“We found out one thing that is very important– home cooking never goes out of style,” said owner Arvey Krise.

Inside the restaurant, there are only a handful of tables and handwritten notes from customers fill the wall. Nearly everything in the kitchen is homemade.

“When people say, ‘oh we love little holes in the wall,’ some people might be offended, but we think that is fantastic,” said Krise.

The restaurant is located at 11506 S Cleveland Avenue.

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College Students: Looking for a Summer Job? These Might Peak Your Interest…

Why spend your summer job shredding old paper or licking envelopes? Summer jobs are the core to a good foundation in your career path.

If working towards your real estate license isn’t for you, then, check out these great internship and summer job opportunities that will lead you to a brighter future:

1. NASA Internships: Learn more here.

2. Art Returns Internship- Marvel Entertainment: Learn more here.

3. Center for the Study of the President Internship: Learn more here.

4. Nike Inc. Design Internship: Learn more here.

5. Surfdog Records Internship: Learn more here.

Stay Safe in the Sun! Tips to Protect Your Skin

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The sun is an important part of our lives. Sunny days have a positive impact on our mood, increase our level of physical activity, make many social events and gatherings possible, and even benefit our health by providing our bodies with essential vitamin D. Unfortunately, sun exposure also presents risk factors that can lead to skin or eye damage, and even skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancer types. Most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Prevention and early detection are the best ways to keep your skin healthy. It’s important to learn what you can do to protect yourself and how to spot any possible signs of skin cancer.

Here are some easy ways to protect your skin from sun damage:

Wear sunscreen with a SPF 15 or higher. If you have fair skin or light hair, you are more susceptible to the sun’s rays and should use a sunscreen with a higher SPF.

Choose sunscreen labeled “broad spectrum” meaning that it protects against two types of harmful rays: UVA and UVB.

Use waterproof sunscreen to make sure it stays on longer, even if you perspire or get wet.

Reapply sunscreen often – usually every two hours, but sooner if you’ve been swimming or are perspiring heavily.

Cover your whole body. Remember those areas that can be easy to forget, such as your ears, eyelids, lips, nose, hands, feet, and the top of your head.

Seek shade or avoid the sun during the peak hours of 10am – 4pm. The sun is strongest during those hours, even on cloudy days.

Wear a hat with a wide brim to help shade your eyes, ears and head.

Wear wrap-around sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection to safeguard your eyes.

Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that protects a larger area of your skin such as long-sleeve shirts or long pants. Tightly woven fabrics in dark or bright colors are best.




Did you know that P&M offers Property Management, too?

Are you a landlord? Own commercial property? If you’re looking for someone to show your property, take applications, interview, maintain your property, and assist in the complete leasing process -Call P&M Property Management today!

P&M Property Services was founded by P&M Property Management in 2009. Both companies have office in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida. P&M Property Management has been serving the Southwest Florida (SWFL) area for over 15 years! They specialize in full service management of condominium associations, and homeowner associations.

P&M’s impressive portfolio includes some of SWFL premiere locations, including Mastique overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and Southbridge in Pelican Landing. Our Naples properties include Associations in Cypress Woods Country Club.  Fort Myers we work in most of the premier Communities including Pelican Landing, Burnt Store and Cross Creek just to name a few. We work in SWFL and will do consulting work all over the state of Florida.

Visit P&M Property Management’s website here:


Call for all of your property management needs: 239-481-1577

Looking to Relocate to Fort Myers, FL?

Now that season is over (or spring break), people are moving back home.. but are settling in and realizing how much they wish they owned their own slice of paradise! Here are a few reasons to assist you in your decision to move to sunny Southwest Florida:

1. Best Beaches:

2. Job Outlook:

3. Housing Market Outlook 2015:

4. Grade School Education:

5. Things to do:

Sanibel, Florida Boardwalk
Sanibel, Florida Boardwalk

There are so many other reasons that could be posted, but these are the top ones (I think)! Give me a call today at 239-677-9450 or email me at I look forward to working with you, even over long distance, to get your new home ready for next season!

8 Reasons to Move to Fort Myers, Florida

8 Reasons to Move to Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers has 62,000 individuals who call paradise their home. Why do you ask? Here’s why:

1. Beaches. Yes, BEACHES. Some of the United States’ top rated beaches are within reasonable driving distance of Fort Myers. My personal favorites: Sanibel Island and Naples.

2. Money. Your bank account may seem a little happier since the cost of living in Fort Myers is about 5% below the national average, according to Sterling’s Best Places. There is no state income tax, so if you’re from a State like New York, you may feel a few dimes richer. Homes sell for less too! Another reason to call 239-677-9450 TODAY!

3. Sports. The Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins have their spring training facilities in Fort Myers, and The Yankees’ facility isn’t too far in Tampa, Florida (they had to move it at least a couple hours drive from the Red Sox).

4. Up and Coming. Since the new millennium,  Fort Myers’ population has grown twice the rate as the national average. Spring breakers deciding to settle, perhaps? Downtown is completely revamped and beautiful for those who love great food, bars, and shopping (who doesn’t)?

5. Winter Sports. Sorry, you thought you could use the excuse for winter sports to stay up North, but the Florida Everblades calls Fort Myers and Germain Arena, home.

6. Shopping. Edison Mall, Miromar Outlets, and Coconut Point. Enough said.

7. Outdoors Activities. Besides beaches, Florida has so much to offer with activities such as: fishing, kayaking, jet boat tours, sunset cruises, and more!

8. Growing Professional Community. No matter what your age, a growing professional community will bring education, economics, new businesses, and the sense to do better to SWFL.

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Estero and Fort Myers See Economic Boom on the Horizon

Estero and Fort Myers See Economic Boom on the Horizon

When it comes to disposable income and population growth, Estero and Fort Myers, FL is where you need to be. 

“Naples and Fort Myers are the two of the top fastest growing areas in the nation” -Gary Tasman, founder and executive director or Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Property SWFL

With that being said, prices of these two areas will begin to rise over the upcoming years -rents, leases, and purchases. If you’re looking to sell your home and upgrade to a new one, now’s the time to do it! If you’re looking to purchase a new home or your first home, now’s the time to do it!

Don’t wait years in this exploding real estate market, call Kevin L. Kellogg today!