Do you love BBQ? Check out Fort Myers’ award-winning smokehouse!

Do you love a good BBQ? Don’t feel like cooking or the grill at your community pool occupied? Head to Reuben’s Smokehouse at 11506 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907. Check out their website here, and Facebook here. A truly family owned and operated business, they even close down part of the summer to take a TRUE family vacation. Now THAT’S family!

When you’re house hunting or need a break from remodels on your current home, take a breather and check out Reuben’s if you haven’t already. Call Kevin today to get on the house hunt if you’ve been putting it off this summer!

FORT MYERS, Fla. – From baby back ribs to brisket. One spot in Southwest Florida was just named one of the top barbeque restaurants in the country.

Trip Advisor just named Reuben’s Smokehouse on US 41 the fourth best BBQ joint in the nation.

If you drive by not paying attention, you’ll miss it. You won’t find any flashy neon signs or gaudy logo.

“It is such a small little place I didn’t even know about it,” said customer Richard Lima.

“We found out one thing that is very important– home cooking never goes out of style,” said owner Arvey Krise.

Inside the restaurant, there are only a handful of tables and handwritten notes from customers fill the wall. Nearly everything in the kitchen is homemade.

“When people say, ‘oh we love little holes in the wall,’ some people might be offended, but we think that is fantastic,” said Krise.

The restaurant is located at 11506 S Cleveland Avenue.

Full article here. 


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