How to Prepare Your Home for Sale in LESS THAN A WEEK

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale in Less Than a Week

There’s not much pressure when we have a lot of time to prepare for something important. Life doesn’t always go that way, though. Sometimes we have to move more quickly than we’d like and do the best we can. 

For example, if you have only ONE WEEK to prepare your home for sale, what could you do in those days to make your home as attractive as possible? Here are some ideas!

  1. Clean the house from top to bottom (or hire someone to do so) to make it look “guest ready.”
  2. Get rid of ALL clutter -even rent a storage unit to make each room look organized and spacious. 
  3. Get all minor repairs done
  4. Paint. Nothing is better than a fresh coat of paint. 
  5. Don’t forget the outside! Prune the hedges, sweet the walkways, and handle any potential eyesores. 
  6. Bring the outdoors, indoors -such as flowers or a live-plant. Place in the dining room and near the front door. 
  7. Depersonalize your space so the buyers can see themselves living there, not envision you living there. 

These are just some things that can assist in the preparation of your home in just one week. For more ideas, call Kevin L. Kellogg today at 239-677-9540 and follow this blog! 


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